Turkish Silk Rugs

Turkish Silks are among the most beautiful. rugs are leading their category without any challenge. Using the highest quality unique silk, Turkish Silks are knotted with unbelievably high density.

The most famous of the Turkish Silks are the "Hereke", are true pieces of art.

Hereke Turkish Silks have evolved over hundred of years. These exciting beauties were historically made for palaces only or used to be the official gifts for the other dynasties.

The Turkish Silks are mainly floral in designs with bright colours. The silk shows an amazing color change depending on reflection of the light. These Turkish Silks are of double knotted, Hereke silk rugs having over 500 double KPSI which is nearly 1 million knots per square meter and are considered to be one of the most difficult handwork.

Carpet weaving represents a traditional art, dating back to pre-Islamic times, and integrates different cultural traditions reflecting the history of Turkic peoples. Turkish silks are regarded as objects of art in their country of origin, but also in the Western world. In Europe, Turkish silks appear in Renaissance paintings, providing a context of prestige and dignity which is still understood today. Since the late nineteenth century, Turkish silks carpets have been subject to art and historic interest in the Western world.

These Turkish silks are amazing and we absolutely love their look and feel. If you want an heirloom, a Turkish silk rug is exactly what you should be looking for.

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