1576 - Stunning Kashmir (Indian) Hand Knotted Pure Silk Rug - 250 X 350cm

$10,125.00 $20,250.00


This is a stunning Kashmir, pure silk, finely knotted Persian rug. The finest example of handcrafted textiles, this beauty has taken at least 6 months full time for a master weaver to create. Made from the must luxurious silk available, designed majestically in the traditional patterns developed over centuries, the Kashmir silk is the pinnacle of hand knotted rugs.

A rug of this caliber can only be produced by master skilled craftsmen with decades of experience. The quality of this beauty is such that you will have it for decades, if not centuries. 

What you will love is the lusture of this amazing piece. Characteristically, all silk carpets have an amazingly innate attribute of displaying different colors when viewed from different angles or sides. Often the colors tend to have a day-and-night variation in shades that seem to impart an illusion of viewing two carpets instead of the actual one carpet. This change in look or color is entirely natural because of the luster, shine, pile and the weaving technique of the silk fiber that makes these silk carpets tremendously distinctive with extraordinary brilliance and are lovingly referred as magic carpets by hundreds of our customers.


Kashmir rugs or carpets have intricate designs that are primarily oriental, floral style in a range of colors, sizes and quality.Kashmir rugs are renowned to have bright, jewel-like color tones such as sapphire blue, ruby red, emerald green, aquamarine, amethyst, and ivory.

Rugs from Kashmir are traditionally made in oriental, floral designs that typically involve the significant and culturally important motifs such as the paisley, chinar tree, (the oriental plane) and tree-of-life. Most of these designs are rooted in the Kashmiri way of living and are a symbolic representation of the age-old Kashmir tradition of hospitality, warmth and genuine love.

Take note of the intricacy of the pattern, which will have you finding more and more that you love in the design year after year.

It is often said in Kashmir folklore that a home is incomplete without a soul - a Kashmir carpet, which is told to "bring the entire house together" into a unified whole.


Pure natural silk (warp and weft)


250 X 350cm


All silk rugs purchased from us receive a certificate of authenticity and insurance valuation.

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