Silk Kashmir Handknotted Rugs

We are direct imports of pure sillk and wool and silk rugs, made in Kashmir in India.

These are the most intricate and stunning Persian Rugs. Our pieces are simply outstanding. Best of all, we deliver our rugs free from indirect costs, such as showroom costs and the cost of employees and sales people. We are online only, allowing us to pass on the savings to you - meaning you can easily afford the luxurious silk pieces.

Take a look through our range. You will note that our silk rugs are designed to perfection, carefully selected for their colours and their beauty.

Every silk rug we select has been passed through a strenuous quality control process, meaning we can assure the quality of every piece we sell.

Reach out to us today with your favorite piece and be sure to tell us how you heard about us!

Happy rugging, always!